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bespectacled's Journal

29 October
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i'm just me. again. with a livejournal fetish.
'by george', 'pish posh', 80's music, =w=, a clockwork orange, ab fab, activism, aim, alan cumming, amélie, anti-racism, antoine de saint-exupery, atheism, badly drawn boy, barbara kruger, beck, belle and sebastian, bettie page, bikini kill, bitch magazine, black rebel motorcycle club, blondie, books!, bratmobile, buffalo exchange, but i'm a cheerleader, charles bukowski, cibo matto, classic rock, cooking badly, david bowie, david sedaris, debates, defiance, depeche mode, diy, double-sided tape, ears with feet, eclectic music tastes, edward scissorhands, elizabeth wurtzel, elliott smith, elvis costello, feminism, fight club, footie pajamas, frida kahlo, garage sales, hedwig-and-the-angry-inch, high fidelity, hillcrest, indie, indie film, indie rock, individualism, janeane garafalo, janis joplin, jason lee, jeff buckley, jim morrison, john mayer, john waters, journals, joyce carol oates, juice boxes, julie ruin, kids in the hall, kurt vonnegut, labyrinth, le tigre, led zeppelin, lunchboxes, mai tai, marxism, mc5, me being me, meditation, mixtapes, modest mouse, mst3k, music, new order, obsession in general, oscar wilde, parker posey, pavement, peewee, penguins, pesto, philosophy, photography, pippi longstocking, pj harvey, political debate, pro-choice, prozac nation, psychology, punky brewster, radiohead, rain, rancid, requiem for a dream, roald dahl, rufus wainwright, run lola run, san francisco, scratching itches, scrumdiddlyumptiousness, shows, sifl & olly, simone de beauvoir, six feet under, sixteen candles, sock puppets, steven chbosky, stickers, styx (shut up!), sylvia plath, tea, the beatles, the big lebowski, the clash, the cure, the female jack, the jam, the pixies, the royal tenenbaums, the shining, the shins, the smiths, the strokes, the velvet underground, the virgin suicides, the white stripes, the wonder years, the word 'bulbous', thrift stores, tim burton, tim sandlin, tori amos, trail of dead, trampolines, vegetarianism, voltaire, wilco, willy wonka, yoga, yoohoo, you (because you're special!), zines