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[30 May 2002|09:21pm]
i've moved.

if you find an odd new name on your friends list, it's probably me.
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[13 May 2002|08:07pm]
Where is my Mind?
You're smart, shy, and often nonsensical. You have dreams of being famous, and you're quirky enough that you just might pull them off. Some would call you a genius, others would call you insane, but in reality you're pretty well-adjusted. Take a vacation once in a while- it'll help take your mind off of your troubles.
Which Pixies song are you?
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[12 May 2002|10:19am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

yesterday was my mum's birthday. lucky bitch, she had the whole weekend to have people wait on her hand and foot. well, except for hedwig (he waited on her paw and er..paw). on friday, i took the bus to grossmont center to get her gifts last-minute. i picked up a hummingbird mobile and a box of mrs. fields cookies. then jenny and i made the trek from the mall to grossmont high school to catch cambria's play.

it was cute. cambria got to say "yes'm" and snort whenever she laughed. i felt sorry for the poor dear, one of her castmates got to grope her and spent the entirety of the play staring at her breasts.

oh! i did get to see devin and lindsey warner from the parkway days. they each looked really different. i wonder what i looked like to them.

i neeed to start doing something productive with my weekends. but i won't.

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[06 May 2002|08:20pm]
i started my own literary society!

hopefully it'll give me some good ideas for summer reading.
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[05 May 2002|01:48pm]
i decided to update my stodgy, boring, old layout.
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[04 May 2002|08:06pm]
[ mood | drained ]

so finally, i post.

tuesday was great. the unknown opening acts for the show were replaced by the moldy peaches, so i was a happy girl. i managed to worm myself to the front, near the stage. some girl next to me brought her mother (why, i don't know). her face when i was singing along to "who's got the crack?": priceless.

tenacious d came on stage, and the usual crowd of drunken frat boys pushed their way to the front. they managed to start a frenzy in the crowd, pushing, shoving, and such. another person next to me threw herself at the bars and screamed at k.g., saying that she wanted to fuck him. she screamed for about 30 minutes, until he finally threw her a guitar pick. that got her to quiet down. jack black got angry and stormed off stage because everyone was saying that they only wanted to see k.g. served him right.

then the strokes came on, creating more pushing and shoving within the crowd. me, being vertically challenged, had some trouble seeing the stage. i was smushed between the aforementioned frat boys who proceeded to pass a cigarette around, belch, and giggle. the band was surprisingly good live, considering what i'd heard about them. i managed, standing on my tip-toes, to get a good view of julian, albert, and nick. nikolai and fab were a little hard to see. i danced around and sang along, attempting to have fun despite the fact that it was difficult to breathe. people fainted around me, and many had to be pulled out of the crowd by the security guards. fab jumped into the crowd twice, and crowd surfed over me. it was interesting to see what he looked like up close, since i wasn't able to see him onstage.

after the show, we sat in the parking lot for a few hours while jenny's mom tried to find her way to the campus. a car pulled up. it happens that the people inside were security guards, who offered us backstage passes. jenny and dionna seemed eager to get them, but i was suspicious about a "catch". we said no, and they drove off.

we finally got home at about 1:30. jenny's parents were pissed.

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[23 Apr 2002|03:02pm]
[ mood | calm ]

another day of testing.


today we did the language and social science sections. ...which are both strong suits of mine. it was still intensely boring, though. i was trapped at a tiny desk, next to broc beaman, one of the most annoying people that ever lived. he proceeded to rattle, tap his pencil and make other obnoxious noises for the next two hours. i was tempted to ram my pencil through his ear to see if it would go through to the other side. ahem.

a week from today is the strokes/tenacious d concert. i'm really excited. i haven't been to a show of sorts in a while. i'm kinda wary of tenacious d because of jack black's decision to star in 'shallow hal'. but just for one night i will expunge it from my mind because i want to have fun with my friends. besides, i like the strokes. =)

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[21 Apr 2002|03:10pm]
[ mood | silly ]

disinfected and i had an amusing conversation. me = i am lucifer sam

edited a bit, for size reasons:

housewifeslament: well.. my friend emily rang me just as i was going out & said 'do you fancy going on a little walk round london with my church group tomorrow?' and i'm not into the religion thing, but she promised it wouldn't be too religious & she lied: seven churches & ten miles = crabby jack.

i am lucifer sam: oh heavens no. literally.
i am lucifer sam: poor thing.
housewifeslament: literally. and to think that i only said yes in a moment of weakness because i needed to leave the house! phhh..

i am lucifer sam: why would anyone feel the need to go on a church tour?
i am lucifer sam: do they really differ from each other all that much?
housewifeslament: lol.. no. we went to baptist, methodist, roman catholic, etc, etc & they were all the sodding same.

housewifeslament: i may never forgive her.
housewifeslament: lol - and did i mention that i'd been out the night before & did that walk with a hangover, on three hours sleep? lol.

housewifeslament: how was your weekend?
i am lucifer sam: well, i gorged on gingerbread.
i am lucifer sam: and sat most of the weekend on the couch.

housewifeslament: lol. sounds like my kind of exercise.
i am lucifer sam: yes, it was strenuous. the walking to the fridge and all.
housewifeslament: the straining of the fingers on the remote
i am lucifer sam: not to mention, the raising of the glass to my lips.
i am lucifer sam: it was horrible.
i am lucifer sam: i'm still sore.
i am lucifer sam: and that was my weekend.

housewifeslament: sounds enthralling.
i am lucifer sam: i quiver with anticipation for next week's installment.

well, i found it amusing.

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[14 Apr 2002|12:44pm]
it's time for another useless post! but hey, it's my journal. so deal with it.

if i lived in great britain, i would follow disinfected around aimlessly because she's lovely.

witch hunt is quite possibly the best person i know online. we share a mutual obsession for edward scissorhands and angelina jolie.

my favorite nerd: skivvies. i have the pleasure (misfortune) of knowing this kid in real life.

i think that's it for right now.
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[13 Apr 2002|11:18pm]
i forgot. i realized today how much i love 'willy wonka and the chocolate factory'.

"daddy, i want it now!"
i love veruca salt.
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willy wonka for president [13 Apr 2002|11:16pm]
[ mood | fucked ]

i really need to fucking update more. ah well, who really cares anyway. yesterday i finally passed my permit test (yes!). i missed 5 questions. this calls for a cliche. "third time's the charm". there we go. anyway, jen-jen came over and we listened to music and slogged around in our nightclothes. she hadn't seen 'fight club' before, and i kept yelling at her to pay attention. then i went on and on about what it meant and etc. she nodded her head....and then turned back to the computer. hmph.

i have about 4 projects due this week, including a nice debate paper for history. mmm, procrastination. i have more important things to do. like...sit cross-legged in my chair with a pair of headphones and a book. with tea, of course.

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[30 Mar 2002|03:48pm]
oops, i never posted about palm springs. oh well, nothing too interesting anyway.

i went to lauren's party yesterday. it was on the roof of a hotel downtown in the gaslamp quarter. i was my usual self, sitting in one of the few chairs mumbling about the hoard of girls (with so much makeup on, they took on the shiny qualities of the robots in A.I.) who attempted to dance on the dance floor. it wasn't that bad. yet, it would have been better if i hadn't fought my urge to throw a few individuals over the side of the roof. this including the many people who weren't invited and the aforementioned girls.

this being my one social gathering of the year, i can now crawl back into my comfy space underneath a rock.
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[17 Mar 2002|01:35pm]
i just came back from palm springs (land of ye olde) and i feel like shit. more later.
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[13 Mar 2002|04:10pm]
life is ok.

as ok as it could be with a furry, black schnauzer gnawing at your ankles as if it were rack of lamb.

i've decided to close the distro. it was getting to be too much. i was spending practically all of my money on it and getting almost no sales in return. i did get a chance to meet some great people, though. without a job, i have no income and it's hard to keep a distro afloat. some of the zinesters have given me permission to keep their zines (the pre-paid back issues), so i'm most likely going to sell them at shows or to other people interested, for shipping money.

i had to do a wedding project for life management. "you? weddings?". i know, exactly what i said. i had to do everything from the groom's corsage to the limo service. what made it worse is that my partner (crystal, this girl whose elevator doesn't quite reach the top of the shaft) did nothing and i was left with her half of the project at the last minute. so, i had to stay up printing out pictures of frilly undergarments and flowergirl dresses all night. it was a nightmare. even worse than the one where i'm trapped in a closed room with kid rock's "bawitdaba" emanating from the speakers. yes, it was that bad. to top things off, we had to fill out sheets of what percentage our partner and we did. she had the gall to put herself as doing 40% of our project. when i turned mine in, i gave myself credit for 98% and her the remaining 2%. after all, she did cut out a picture or two.

oh well. friday: palm springs.
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[02 Mar 2002|12:57am]
i went to disneyland thursday. i hadn't been there in about 3 years, so i thought it'd be good fun. except...half of the rides were closed (space mountain, splash mountain, pirates of the carribean). hmph. so jenny and i amused ourselves by riding the matterhorn obsessively and taking photographs.

tweedle dee and tweedle dumb-fuck were friendly creatures. the mad hatter, my hero, grabbed me, leaving poor kip (jen) out of the picture. ah well, we can't all be friends with everyone.

psst. i purchased the nightmare before x-mas sdtrk. (again). *devious laugh* something to play for the neighbors. i can imagine now...

"outrage!" "blasphemy!"
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[25 Feb 2002|04:28pm]
clever little survey stolen from hallways.


what was your first ever record?

ahem, most likely mickey's jazzercise or something of that nature. i think i had a record of 'the little engine that could'. i used to play it on my little fisher-price record player and spin in circles until i fell.

first record ever bought with your own money?

"jagged little pill" - alanis morrisette. it was a cassette tape, actually. up until this point, i'd bought music with gift certificates or received them as gifts.

first song you ever sang?

i used to make up songs full of words that i thought sounded interesting. 98% of the time, these songs made no sense whatsoever. most of them were to the tune of "the farmer in the dell".

first live concert experience?

hmm. i went to street scene when i was 10 and saw a whole bunch of bands. none particularly memorable.

first ever rock star crush?

beck, always beck. wow, i think that started in fifth grade. my sister taught me to sing along with 'loser' *coughs*.


what was your last record bought?

i'm bought so many in the last few months. but the very last one would be the white stripes - "de stijl". it was $6 (auction).

last record given?

umm, "death to the pixies". for those of you who aren't enlightened, it's sorta a best-of mishmash with another cd of live songs. yeah, that was for jenny.

last song sung?

pavement - "give it a day". i added the voice cracks for extra effect. mmhmm.

last live concert experience?

weezer, jimmy eat world and the tenacious d. last november (the 20th).

last (or current) rock star crush?

still beck. and jeff buckley. too bad he's dead. *sigh*. there's more, but i'm too lazy to think of them right now.
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[23 Feb 2002|02:11pm]
i didn't get my cd in the mail, however i DID get a letter from st. mary's college. i suppose checking 'atheist' on your the psat forms makes you a prime candidate for conversion.
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[23 Feb 2002|02:05pm]
yesterday was bri's "surprise" birthday party. we went to bj's (shush, it's a pizza grill place) for dinner. i'd never been there before, but it was pretty nice. i didn't get to stay very long, though, as nosferatu (or satan, make your pick) refused to pick me up any later than 7:30. so, she loomed around until it was time for me to go. i half-expected to see her in the bushes outside of the window with a pair of binoculars.

hmm, the mailman just arrived. i'm going to check if i got my cd in the mail.
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[21 Feb 2002|08:13pm]
she loves me (yeah, yeah, yeah). :)

it's bri's birthday tommorrow! i managed to get my paws on a couple of tickets to the distillers show for her. too bad i can't go. *mumbles* i'm too young. hmph! ah well.

mm, c.s.i. is on.
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[14 Feb 2002|07:53pm]
happy 10th birthday weezer.
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